Old DOS Stuff

Here is lots of old DOS stuff I wrote when I was a kid.

28line.zipSets screen into 28 lines mode
2pack.zip2Pack is a small txt packer for development
50line.zipSets screen into 50 line mode
av.zipArchiveViewer v0.3c - Dark Fiber
bfhook.zipbios font hook. Made for emags that use unreadable dos fonts.
biowar.zipE-Mag: Biowar
bitops.zipSimple bitops tool for modifying bytes in a file
com2exe.zipConvert a COM file into an EXE file.
d.zipD - Dos directory lister tool
dc.zipdisk clean. basically does a 'fast format', clears the FAT entries on disks.
dekript.zipUnscrambles a 'kript'ed file.
dkd32.zipDeKompress DOS32 v0.4 by Dark Fiber, Entropic Coders '96.
dmg103d.zipDisk Magazine Generator v1.03d
dram_chk.zipTests the DRAM banks on a VIA VT82C496G chipset.
e820.zipThis is a fake E820 bios extended memory map driver
e820lst.zipDumps the E820 memory tables if your BIOS supports them.
fedit.zipHEX File Editor (Does not play nice under dosbox, works fine on real machine)
iff_copy.zipCopys a named chunk from an IFF file
iff_list.zipLists all the named chunks in an IFF file
iff_wad.zipCreats a simple 'WAD' file as an IFF, with ... files!
ilfs202b.zipILFS v2.02b - Internal Library File System
info-le.zipdumps info on LE executables
infod32.zipDumps info on DOS32 executables
ipcrypt.zipSimple COM encryptor
kript.zipKRIPT com scambler
libfile1.zipILFS v1 tool
libfile2.zipILFS v2 tool
mcbexp.zipMemory Control Block tool
mempak.zipPacks DOS memory into contiguous blocks. works with UMB as well.
mm401.zipDumps revision + irq of Miniman MPU 401 cards.
now.zipNow - Prints current date/time with some parameters
OBS Tool v0.1OBS Tool v0.1
once.zipUse in autoexec.bat to run things only once a day when booted.
oni.zipONI Encryption/Hashing tool
polyenc.zipEXE encryption program
post_msg.zippost_msg stamps a message to the end of an exe file as code.
rdf2d32.zipRDF2D32 converts an RDF object into a DOS32 object
relopt.zipOptimise and sort relications in an EXE
relpack.zipPack relocations so EXE has none.
rembss.zipRemBSS - remove bss data from end of exe
sarien-0.5.2-dos-i386.zipSarien 0.5.2 DOS DJGPP
sauce.zipSAUCE - Add/Edit/Remove SAUCE from a file.
sbdsp.zipDisplays DSP info on a SoundBlaster.
scheck.zipAdds a self-check routine to COM file to check for tampering.
scinfo.zipPrints sound card environment info out so its easily usable
si103.zipSimple Installer v1.03
sickview.zipSiCKVieW ANSI Viewer
tandy1k.zipBunch of utils for Tandy 1000, 1000SX for ram
tandyram.zipTandy 1000 RAM Adjuster v0.1 - Bloody Cactus.
todo.zipToDo cli tool
txt2exe.zipText2Exec v1.2 - Dark Fiber [NuKE]
uansi.zipuANSI micro ansi driver
umb.zipUMB driver for XT machines
unvac.zipDecompresses Vacuum 0.x programs
uxp-01.zipE-Mag: Unexlplained Expose 01
uxp-02.zipE-Mag: Unexlplained Expose 02
vac2.zipVacuum/2 com/exe/sys/dos32/etc compressor
vacuum.zipCrappy COM compressor, Vacuum 0.02a