Old DOS Stuff

Here is lots of old DOS stuff I wrote when I was a kid.

28line.zipSet screen in 28 line mode
2pack.zipASCII dictionary packer
50line.zipSet screen in 50 line mode
av.zipArchive Viewer v0.3c
bfhook.zipBIOS Font hooker, stops apps from change fonts
com2exe.zipCOM to EXE
d.zipD (DIR replacement)
dekript.zipDekript 'kript'
dkd32.zipDeKompress DOS32
dram_chk.zipDRAM chk for VIA motherboard
e820.zipE820 function faker for mobos without E820 support
e820lst.zipDumps E820 tables
fedit.zipFEDIT hex editor (works on real machine, not dosbox)
iff_copy.zipIFF chunk copy
iff_list.zipIFF lister
iff_wad.zipIFF packer
info.zip"LE" exectuable info
infod32.zip"DOS32" executable info
ipcrypt.zipIP encryption example
kript.zipKript tool
libfile1.zipInternal Libfile v1
libfile2.zipInternal Libfile v2
mcbexp.zipMCB tool
mempak.zipMCB free block compaction
mm401.zipMM401 info
once.zipRun a batch file once
oni.zipONI encryption tool
polyenc.zipPolyenc early version
post_msg.zipAppend message to end of file
rdf2d32.zipRDF to DOS32
relopt.zipRelocation Optmiser
relpack.zipRelocation Packer
rembss.zipEXE BSS removal
sauce.zipSAUCE tool
sbdsp.zipPrint SoundBlaster DSP info
scheck.zipSelfcheck tool
scinfo.zipSoundCard info from environment strings
si103.zipSimple Installer v1.03
sickview.zipSiCKVieW ANSI viewer
tandyram.zipTANDY 1000 Ram tool
todo.zipTODO tool
txt2exe.zipConvert txt file into self readable viewer
uansi.zipuAnsi micro ansi driver
unvac.zipUnVac for Vacuum/1
vac2.zipVacuum/2.00 exec compressor
vacuum.zipVacuum/1 com compressor