Welcome on in, the cactus is spikey!

Trimming the Spikes

When you trim off the spikes, what you are left with is a Australian who lives in North America.


I like to stream on twitch, click below to learn more about my setup and other stream related things.


Pinball is my jam, I love it so much. There is just something about pinball that I gravitated toward over plain old arcade machines.

Retro Coding

MS-DOS assembly language programming was something I cut my teeth on growing up.

What I do

I am a software developer / DevOps drone during the day working for a large multinational company, crunching code, pushing patches and solving problems.

Code Monkey

Corporate Code Monkey and Database Jockey by day, Retro programmer by night doing C and Assembly for x86 DOS and Z80 CP/M


Pinball is a huge passion from playing to designing my own machines. I currently own two machines, TRON and Starship Troopers.


Streaming mostly retro games on twitch, C64 and MS-DOS titles


I practice Kendo, the sportified version of kenjutsu.

Chicken Farmer

Yes, I have a dozen backyard chickens, they are so much fun to watch free ranging around the yard.


Kids keep you on your toes... My toes are sore!


Get in touch

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