One of these is BloodyCactus

(and one of these is not)

I'm actually an ancient Australian who made a home living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

In a very round about way, I moved to England for a few years, worked the scene in London and then decided to go hiking.

A very long hike...

I was going to hike one of the worlds longest trails, the Appalachian Trail, roughly 2,190 miles / 3,524 kilometers.

That story turned into a marriage, kids, chickens, dogs, a long commute and a change in immigration status!

   (Thats me in the foreground)


One of my hobbies is Kendo, I love it! The modern sportified art of Kenjutsu. I have been practicing it since about 2017 or 2018. Its such great fun, and highly recommend it.

Kendo, Kenjutsu, Iaido.. Like three rivers feeding an ocean, they all compliment and work together quite well.


At some point, I got baby chickens... and I've been raising and keeping chickens ever since. They are soooo much fun to see them free ranging around the backyard.

Never underestimate a pack of chickens, whose ability to chase down and terminate field mice is extraordinarily brutal!

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Cover Model

Oh, yeah, I was a cover model too. Blondes do have the most fun (back when I HAD hair!)